Friday, June 20, 2008

My goal

It's a well-documented fact* that 'graphic designer' is not the most "in shape" profession out there. With all the sitting and the computer-staring and the mouse-clicking, we're somewhere between "sloth" and "aardvark". Not so good for cardio-fitness, but we're mad thumb-wrestlers.

While I'd like to consider myself closer to the "aardvark" end of the fitness spectrum, the fact remains that I'm turning into a bit of a slouch. 2 pregnancies, 2 newborns and a busy job have eaten up most of the free time I spent doing active and sporty things. However with my kids having reached their 4th and 2nd birthdays, I'm running out of excuses, getting older and just plain chunking out.

Joe started running a few years ago and on Saturday, completed his first 5K. With a respectable time of 29 minutes, he finished strong and didn't get passed by anyone in a stroller (which was his personal goal). And so he started pestering me to run one with him. Joe and I are fiercely competitive with each other - in a good way. If we had classes together in school, we would constantly try to one-up each other until we both had straight A's. So I know with him egging me on, I'll probably work hard until I can do this. Also I've watched all the weight, counted all the points and tried all the other ways I can think to drop a few more pounds. I think my body has given up all it's willing to at this activity level and it's time to start working harder.

I checked out this book from the library and read this website for info on training for a 5K. Both are really good. Both recommend setting specific, short-term and attainable goals, naming a reward for yourself and then working out at a moderate level instead of trying to run until you hate it and hurt all the time. So after a week of testing myself on the treadmill, I can do the 5K distance in 39 minutes. Not spectacular and I would come in ahead of only kids on trikes and basset hounds. However, I would finish and not die.

Current time: 39 minutes
Goal time: 33 minutes
Race date: July 24th
Reward: A cute running outfit

I'll post progress toward my goal as time goes on. I'm really excited about this! And if absolutely nothing else, I've got to lose a bit of weight, right?

*I'm sure things like this are documented. It sounds like something that would make a good study. Google "graphic design sloths" and see what you come up with.


Spencer Family said...

Hi, I found your blog through Hannah's and I hope you don't mind me commenting. I realize you don't have the time (3 months) but this is a really good training book You can choose what time you want to finish in and it tells you exactly how to train to get that time. Good luck in your training!

Sudar Clan said...

Hey, you so do not look like you need to lose weight. You look great. But running a 5k is just fun and good for you so I say kick Joe's but and do it in 28 minutes :)