Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm in heaven

A few days ago, Minnie came in with a handful of cherries and announced that she got them from the neighbor's tree. I had never noticed a cherry tree before so I asked her to show me where she got them (crossing my fingers that this tree overhung our property line somewhere).

Hooray, it does! We asked our neighbors if we could pick from their tree and they very graciously told us to get all we wanted before the birds do. These are Bing cherries and not the sour pie cherries. Either is perfect, but these are more fun to eat straight from the tree. Little Man is going crazy for them and it's good that he isn't tall enough to reach them because I'm sure he'd make himself ill.


The Mathews Family said...

Awe.Some! We need to get together sometime. I'm imagining this lovely forest of Narnia that you live in with all of the beautiful pictures you post.

AMS said...

mmmmmm. my favorite!

Anonymous said...

We grew up with a BING in our back yard and many a days, I sat with my legs overhanging a branch and a big ol' cherry stain on the front of my T-shirt in summertime heaven. Eat one in memory of me, will ya? :)