Sunday, June 22, 2008

I {heart} footie jammies

Even though it's summer, I still love kids in footed pajamas. Plus my husband is part caveman so he keeps our air-conditioner set to "meat locker" even when it's 101 degrees outside. Plenty cool for these darling jammies I saw at Costco.

I took these pictures after the kids got up one morning and were playing in the sunlit living room.

I have loved the footie sleepers ever since these two were tiny newborns. As Minnie starts to be a stubborn little girly-girl, and Little Man starts wiping off my kisses, it's just one of those things that keeps them from seeming too grown-up. Do you think they'll still wear them when they're in high school?


Jenny said...

Bart's cheeks look so clean and kissable. I am a fan of the footie pjs as well.

Melissa said...

I love footie pajamas too. The only downside is that kids outgrow them too fast! Love the pictures!

AMS said...

i had a pair of footie pjs through college! i loved them! i just get so sad when the feet start wearing out!