Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A little bitty change

I've been scouring Pintrest (ahhhhh, Pintrest) for a while, looking for a way to freshen up the entryway on the house. As I typically do, I taped dozens of paint chips to the doorframe and when I went to buy the paint color, got something else entirely. What I chose, almost at random, ended up being the perfectly perfect, not-too-green, not-too-purple shade of blue. I'm trying to figure out if Joe likes the color. When he saw it, his only comment was "that was unexpected."

I've heard it's called Jenny Blue.

These two darling little birdies and several yards of ribbon became a fun wreath. I think this might be a kid-friendly project. All you have to do is tie knots.

The siren song of Hobby Lobby made me buy more sets of little birdies than I originally planned. So the second pair lives in a fun yarn wreath. I should name them. Suggestions?

I'm thinking of saving it for springtime or Valentines.

The paint color for the door is Benjamin Moore Spirit in the Sky


fauxy said...

wow, love the new door color, especially with the glass in there. the wreaths are awesome - i need to follow your lead and whip up some new ones sometime. i think a year is sufficient time to display the same wreath?? :0

Jenny said...

Love the door, love both wreaths. I think the pink one wil be great in spring when it's snowing and you need to see some blossoms.