Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7 months is made of...

1 part chunk-style thighs

3 parts toothless, milky grins

2 parts longing to be bigger

15 parts popsicle-snatching stickyness

1 part splashy bathtime clean

2 parts sad and frowny

5 parts super-sidekick

3 parts bouncy sleepyhead

7 parts pinchy pinchy bums

1 part future technological genius

4 parts mischief-making kitten

Fold together gently with plenty of hugs, a splash of kisses and enjoy.


Nemesis said...

Aren't the thighs awesome? I spend pretty much all day chewing on the TDL's. He tolerates it well.

Word verification: Blembi (the noise one makes whilst chewing on baby drumsticks)

Jill said...

How does he just keep getting cuter?? He is so big. Love the bum picture!

Carina said...

Holy Mackerel he is CUTE.

Kelsey said...

I love the jowls.