Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh my!

Three months already?

At three months, baby:
- weighs 15 pounds
- has graduated to bigger size of clothes, rendering another entire wardrobe useless
- eats and eats and eats
- can hold his head up all he wants
- still is not in love with Tummy Time
- likes to be tickled
- will laugh at stupid noises that no self-respecting adult should make... but we will do absolutely anything to get any smile or giggle out of him. Something is funny only three times though and then the would-be comedian needs to gather new material.
- loves to bite and suck and slobber and chew his wee dimpled fingers

Oh... the fingers. They're in his mouth every waking moment. In fact, he's almost given up the binky in favor of those succulent little digits. After a while, sucking on the fingers makes him think that a snack would sure go down nicely. Then he's hungry again. Even in his sleep, if you see his hands inching towards his mouth, you know he's only minutes away from waking himself up.

And food will be the first thing on his mind.


Liz said...

My one year old is barely tipping 17 pounds! He's beefy! Cute beefy!

brandon said...

Oh my cuteness!!! He is precious!!!!!!

Birdy said...

Bah! I can't wait to hold him and his chunky little fingers! :) So precious!

Amy said...

What a chunk! Love him!!

Courtney said...

what a cutie!