Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why Easter as a secular holiday is Not My Favorite

It's one of those holidays that involves Waking Up Way Too Early

There's too much candy in my house.

There's way too much candy being consumed by children who turn into the Chocolate-Faced Crazypants Pirates of Hard Face Punching.

It's ever so awesome to break up arguments over who:
a. found more eggs,
b. got more candy,
c. got the wrong color of egg
d. re-hid the wrong color of egg in the wrong spot
e. hid in a corner and stuffed their face full candy before the other one thought of it

Peeps are not a part of this balanced breakfast.

YOU try suiting up the Crazypants Pirates of Hard Face Punching team for church.

There's always the risk of not finding one of the real eggs. Then there's the penalty of actually finding the missing real egg, many months down the road (this actually happened when I was little - we found 1 extra egg one Easter and then we didn't dare to eat any of them).This is not a hazard you run with Christmas. If a fruitcake gets tucked away and you discover it at the 4th of July, no problem. Just put it away for next year.

No other holiday demands that I let the children dye their hands, clothes and the better part of my countertops.

And finally, for no apparent reason, everywhere I go, I keep finding plastic eggs filled with rocks.


Chrissy said...

Not my favorite for all of those same reasons. I wish is it was only about the resurrection, like it should be!

Charlo said...

Maybe that is why my mom only gave us one See's candy truffle egg, and that's it. no egg dying, no egg hunts, just church, and sometimes dinner at Grandmas.