Thursday, April 7, 2011

Project, part II

So my quilt is done. Yay! It looks pretty much the same as the last pictures I took except I totally did not screw up the binding and it actually looks like a fer realz quilt. And, like most labor-intensive creations, I'll now hand it over to one of the children so they can slobber and ooze various fluids all over it. What was I thinking?

On a more inspired note, look what I did with some of the leftover scraps! I love fabric flowers, I could sit and make them all day.


The Mathews Family said...

Oy Jeri! Where is your postpartum brain damage? You are amazing!!!!!!

Jenny said...

I wish the talent oozing out of your eyeballs could land on me and be absorbed.

fauxy said...

Wow, I need to learn to make those! Love the shirt and love the darling pics. Beautiful:)

Birdy said...

Love it! I want one! :)