Monday, August 23, 2010

Bring on the chaos

The thing with this home remodel is that it just goes on and on... and on. It may have seemed like we took a break from projects for a while, but that's only because there was a flood in our basement and we've been working on getting that area dried out and put back together. So right now, our basement is an unlivable disaster area with small walking paths between piles of toys, beds and overturned furniture.

I suppose that we're just gluttons for punishment because, even with the half-finished projects downstairs, we decided to schedule the installers who will put in the flooring upstairs. Hopefully this professional install will go better than others in the past. And while I was busy being excited that we were having the floor installed by someone else, I completely failed to remember that we have to move furniture, pull up 30-year-old pink carpet and scrape out dirty linoleum by ourselves.

So yeah. Now our main level is an unlivable disaster area with slightly larger walking paths between piles of toys, furniture and random household items.


Sarah said...

You must be gluttons for punishment.

Valerie S said...

You are amazing! Just keep picturing how great it's going to be when you are all done. That will make you feel better. Can't you just put the new flooring over the linoleum? I vote for that.

Jenny said...

Is that a gray hair on Joe's head, or construction dust?