Monday, August 2, 2010

Feeling better

Thanks for everyone's comments and phone calls. I'm feeling much better this week - if a bit tired and worn out. We never did figure out anything past "fever of unknown origin" but at least it's gone.

Other than that, the first part of this pregnancy has gone by uneventfully. We finally heard baby Sprinkle's heartbeat, the doctor estimated it was 155-160 beats per minute. So now I can start wildly speculating about the gender of the baby, even though we have a good 5 weeks before we can find out for sure. I'll give you the answers to some old wive's tales and you can speculate and assume with me.

Cravings: definitely sweet. I could have French toast and strawberries at least once a day and never get tired of it.

Aversions: some meat, but it's only a texture thing. Acidic things (like spaghetti sauce) give me heartburn so I avoid them.

Carrying: high. This baby is up in my ribs already.

Chinese birth calendar: says it's a boy

Skin: I definitely have had more break-outs and skin problems during this pregnancy.

OK that's all the OWT I can think of. The kids are really excited to find out what this baby is. Lisa insists that not only is it a girl, but that Sprinkle will be her twin and they'll look exactly the same. Bart doesn't have his heart quite as set on a brother, he's more focused on the fact that he won't be 'the baby' anymore. In some ways he's happy because he insists he's too big to be the baby and in others I can see that he's worried about being displaced. Already I'm having a hard time picking him up and letting him lay in my lap and he's said to me "there was always room for me to be your baby before THAT baby!" Sheesh.

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Megan said...

I SO think you are having a boy by your symptoms, but I know that is never right. Gotta tell ya though, I am 32 weeks and just started getting heartburn and the baby in the ribs. Hope it doesn't get worse!