Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bending over backwards... to be the worst ever!

So you would think that the Brent Brown Toyota saga would be over, right? You'd think that after we had to drive all the way back to the dealership to pick up the license plates that they had not (and had no intentions of ever) put in the mail, we could wash our hands of the whole debacle.

You would be wrong.

About 2 weeks later we get a call from someone who has 'taken over our account.' Since they still supposedly owe us $$ for the safety inspection we had to get, Joe took the call. It went a little like this:

Sales Weasel: Hey there! I've taken over your account and I just wanted to touch base with you and (insert more smarmy weasel-talk blah blah blah.)

Joe: Oh yeah?

SW: Yes! I wanted to ask you why you didn't purchase the '05 Tahoe from us.

J: .....................?

SW: You know, I took over this account and wanted to see if there was any way I could get you into a different car with us?

J: Are you talking about the Tahoe I bought in February?

SW: Oh... well... really? My notes said.... Umm..... The guy who had your account is..... no longer with us.... uuuuhhhh.

J: While I've got you, I did want to ask about the money they keep saying they're going to send me for a safety inspection.

SW: Umm, well I could ask... But it would probably be better if you just called back and spoke to someone else on your own.

You know Sales Weasel, that is a pretty good idea. If only anyone at the dealership understood the finer points of answering or returning calls. Which they don't. So, dear readers, if anyone ever goes to that dealership and embarks on a months-long Festival of Incompetence, don't say I didn't warn you.


Hannah said...

OH MY HEAVENS!!! What creeps!

Kelsey said...

At least you have a good story for you blog, right? Yeah. Right...GRRRR!

Sarah said...

Oh man. Dorks. They seriously need some real life people with some integrity.

Charlo said...

I don't think I want to buy a car there.

Scott&Janae said...

I am so sorry. I hate dealing with situations like that!

Liz said...

This sounds like every time I have to call my helath insurance company. HOW can they be so inept and still hold a job? ps My house should (hopefully) be done by end of August. Let's hope Brent Brown has nothing to do with the construction.