Monday, January 25, 2010

Assistant to the Princess

Minnie was invited to the birthday party of a girl in her kindergarten class. The invitation asked them to come dressed up like a Princess. Minnie was so excited and had lots of specific requests for her attire.

I love to do hair. When I was younger my mom gave me books to teach me to French braid. And because I learned to do tight, even braids, my mom had me do her hair for work every morning. I also loved to do Karin's hair, until she butched it all off to prevent any sort of cute style being attached to her head. (Oddly, she's currently the most fashionable of sisters, with a brand-new hairstyle almost every day.)

Anyway, when I was blessed with a cute daughter with lovely, straight, thick hair, I was excited to bring my skills back into practice. I must say that little-girl hair is the most fun to do because you really can't go too overboard with bows, curls, braids or flowers. In their mind, the fancier the better.

Even though this particular blogger isn't posting regularly anymore, I still use her blog for hair ideas all the time. I highly recommend the She Does Hair site. There are lots of others but this is my favorite for fancy-but-not-unrealistic style ideas. This is where we got the idea for Minnie's princess up-do for the party.

I wish I had a picture of the finished product with her makeup and teeny tiny crown - she was ever so lovely. But you get the idea. She loved that the ringlets were bouncy and flouncy and she hopped around for half an hour before we left for the party, insisting that everyone watch her hair. I love little girls!


The Mathews Family said...

Oh what a patient little princess! My girls are at this point in life refusing anything with heat... ie, curling iron, flat iron, hair dryer... BOO HOO!
PS... Did I mention that Stephanie at She Does Hair is my friend. Makes me so happy to see her blog linked on so many blogs.

Sarah said...

Super cute!

Scott&Janae said...

I love minnie's hair. She is so adoarable. She looks like a princess.

Valerie S said...

Very cute! I can see why she's be flouncing all over the place. I love french braids on little girls. My Mom taught me how to do them (innies and outies) and my girls wore them almost every day. They are great for keeping the hair somewhat out of their faces.

lori parkhurst said...

i love how you did her hair! It looks so pretty!