Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Calling all home-decorators

I have a dilemma. Perhaps you can help me with it.

Minnie and I have been discussing how we will re-decorate her room. After several months of negotiations and unrealistic expectations and viewing-of-internet-photographs, we have settled on the following color scheme:

Cute, yes? She already has a black metal bed and vanity so I will stain or lacquer her dresser black to match.

I kind of love the white wainscot along the room in the upper picture. I think that with white along the bottom of the room, we could have a darker shade of pink (and a happier Minnie) without it feeling overwhelming. Also, instead of the beadboard, I would really like to do the wainscot in wide strips, like in 1x4s or something (like this but without the cap at the top.)

And my Great Idea is: spaced all along the top board I could put old fashioned drawer pulls where she could hang coats, backpacks, flowers and all manner of cute things.

OK, on to my dilemma.

The problem is this - we have DARKISH WOOD TRIM throughout the ENTIRE HOUSE!!!

I don't mind the wood trim. I've gotten used to it, it looks nice and I'm certainly not going to pay a hozillion dollars to switch out all the trim and doors in the entire house. So, how do I reconcile these two things? Is there any way to put up painted white wainscot and have it not look stupid with wood doors and trim? I'm not opposed to painting the entire room a pale pink, I just really want to find a way to have the strip around the room with the hangy-knobs because I think that would be a fun and functional accent to the room.

All thoughts/ideas appreciated!


The Mathews Family said...

So are you not wanting to paint just the trim in her room and inside of her door white? Because I think that that is what I would do. I love the colors you guys chose. Very beautiful and classy!!!!!

jeri said...

That is not an option - Joe said absolutely no painting of the wood. Plus the doors are flat without any trim or beveled stuff... it would look tacky.

Ali said...

Absolutely love the color scheme!! Can you have the trim removed just in her room? I am about to renovate our house and am curious too - we have very similar issues!!

Sue said...

I don't know if it helps, but we "made" our own wainscot by framing it out with MDF, then painting two different tones (top green, bottom tan) We left the doors the color they were. Maybe you can make the mdf "wainscot" the same color as the wood (so it just looks like you have a lot more wood trim) and follow the color sceme with everything else. Does that make any sense at all?