Monday, June 29, 2009

Watermelon to go

This great idea came from my brother-in-law, of all places.

The dilema: 80% of a watermelon on the counter that's going to get yucky. If I put it in the fridge it will leak juice all over and I will be mad. If I put it in a bowl it will get mushy, no one will want to eat from a bowl of watermelon-muck and it will go bad. If I leave it on the counter, Bart will keep poking at it and I will put him in time-out until he's 12.

The solution: Cut into lots of bite-size cubes and store them in individual baggies. Put baggies in the fridge. Take out baggies when you want a quick snack. Send one to work with husband each day. Genius! Takes up less space, cuts down on waste, provides a healthy snack and almost eliminates sticky-juice-kid-face (Bart could get sticky-kid-face eating dry bread crust, so I say almost.) Thanks for the idea Braden!

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monkeyz 3 said...

Here's a ramdon thought, have you ever tried freezing red grapes in the summer? You can eat them or put them in the kids drinks!