Monday, June 22, 2009

Wasatch Back by numbers

188 - total miles run
12 - team members that relay the legs of the race
2 - vans, each with a non-runner driver (I was one of these)
4 - hours of sleep I got the night before we left
11 - minutes we had between when we arrived in Logan and when our first runner had to start running (stupid road construction)
5 - other rad people that shared a huge Suburban with us

3 - legs of the relay that Joe ran
13 - miles he ran total
24 - seconds I had Joe's iPod Shuffle in my hand before I totally lost it and he had to carry my larger Nano the entire weekend
211 - pictures I took during the race
3, 792 - teams that think fecal matter is a necessary ingredient for a great team name
117 - times I wondered what the heck our team name meant (Straight $hooters) and why we wore rainbow tie-dyed shirts to go along with it
1 - gigantic hill that Joe ran up
292 - feet of elevation gain of aforementioned big hill
1 - even bigger hill that Diana ran on her last leg (661 feet of elevation gain)
1 - even longer and BIGGER hill that Brian ran at 2:00 in the morning (884 brutal feet of elevation gain)
118 - times I was grateful for those rainbow tie-dyed shirts because we were easy to spot in a crowd of ten-thousand
11,001 - times we leap-frogged over our team members, started and stopped the van and rolled down windows to shout unintelligible things to cheer them on
12 - times we cheered and shouted at the wrong runner because they run in normal clothes, not those tie-dyed shirts
1 - mile of Diana's second leg that I ran along with her
5 - gallons of water that poured in the Suburban and onto Brian's lap when I parked too close to a sprinkler shower-head
2.5 - hours of sleep that we got on the lawn outside an elementary school, under a blanket that barely covered both of us
278 - times I wished I had the amazing running ability of Christina, Diana and Katherine
2 - regular meals we ate over the course of 28 hours (unless you count half a bagel and a breath mint, then we ate three meals)
94 - times I heard Brian say "I'm so embarrassed"
1 - cup of hot chocolate that saved my shivering life at the top of East Canyon Reservoir
83 - times I was glad I packed a Handy Little Bag of Everything (hair ties, nail file, Advil, eye-drops, sunblock stick...)
2 - hours spent showering, watching TV and taking naps at Christina's aunt's house before the end of the race
8,001 - times I thought Joe was a Total Racing Stud

4 - doses of Ammodium AD that Brian can (yet probably shouldn't) take in 2 hours
294 - minutes we spent trash-talking some team called Spit Happens (they started it)
1 - hapless male that unfortunately had Joe spit in his face as he tried to pass alongside (it was an accident!)
37 - times we hoped that guy actually was from Spit Happens
1 - Parking Lot Nazi that denied us entry into the lot adjacent to the finish line
0 - times we heeded his Threats and parked there anyway (under the guise of 'turning around')
412 - times the Parking Lot Nazis threatened to tow all the vans away for not having their Van2 decals in place
10 - minutes we had to stand in pouring rain waiting for our last team member to finish the course
1 - extra Wasatch Back Medal that was given to ME in addition to the rest of the team (apparently volunteers can't count and get rained on at the same time)

31 - place that our team took in the Coed Open division
299 - teams that came in after us (including Spit Happens who were 19 minutes behind)!

5 billion - gallons of water dumped on us in a crazy storm in Provo Canyon while driving home
0 - times the kids actually missed us because they had Ultimately Fun, Dinosaur Museum Visiting, Pudding Eating party with Grandpa
1 - iPod Shuffle miraculously discovered in the back of the Suburban when we got home from the race
3 - times I had to wake Joe up to try and get him actually in bed so he could sleep after we got home
infinite - times I will hope that we get to do this again next year... except I'm making a tentative promise to myself to be an actual runner instead of driver


Sudar Clan said...

This race looks like a lot of fun. My dads team was Ragnarly to the bone. Did you see them? Being a driver looks like fun too.

Amy said...

Woah - Joe looks like he's flying more than running! Crazy man!