Friday, June 12, 2009

Parade of Homes

I've been visiting the Utah Valley Home Show with my sister-in-law this week and have come away with several ideas/desires to put on my to-do list. Unfortunatly most of them require taking insane advantage of Joe's handy-man skills.

1. Get started on the under-the-stairs play house that I've been planning for the kids. I have a few great ideas for it now that I hope they enjoy.

2. Actually work on the tree house they've been begging for since we moved here

3. Install a sparkly tile floor, sink and chandelier in Minnie's bathroom. This idea probably won't happen because she has to share the bathroom with Little Man and I don't have the budget for sparkly tile. But I would sure like to. Did anyone else see that beautiful bathroom in the Hatfield home in Lindon? Wow. Minnie told me she was packing up her bedroom so we could move there.

4. Re-paint my bedroom since I ended up not liking the color I did last year. Shhhh, don't tell Joe. He worked so hard to get the corners edges nicely. The blue was just too saturated. I'll re-do it while he's gone with the Scouts one week and maybe surprise him.

4. Decide if I could do white wainscoting in a bedroom that has dark wood trim and doors. What are your thoughts?

5. Rip out the useless closet that clogs up my laundry area and make it into a functional mudroom.

6. Organize the toy room downstairs and paint it a fabulous and kid-approved color so they'll quit dragging their toys upstairs and leaving a huge mess.

7. Actually decide on a paint color for the kids rooms. They've both been asking for some color in there.

That's a pretty good list for right now. I wonder if I'll make any progress on it this summer...


Teri's Life said...

Boy you have quite the to-do list! I take it you probably won't have any time to come to my house to tell me (help me) how to make it all cute!

Sudar Clan said...

I missed out on the parade of homes this year. It is probably a good thing because then I have a list a mile long that I want to do also. And I think wainscoting looks good anywhere. And you don't have to do it white. You can paint it any color you want. I think we are going to do black under the bar in the kitchen. Good luck.