Friday, January 9, 2009

Things that have been keeping me stupidly busy

1. Re-decorating our living room. I'm taking pictures tomorrow when there is light. I finally got new, non-80's light fixtures today AND Joe installed them! Then he broke another light cover trying to change a lightbulb. You've got to learn when to say when. Also when it shattered, Little Man said in a really exasperated voice "Dad. You not supposed to throw it."

2. Snow snow snow snow. I don't think I've shoveled this much snow in my entire life. Not even kidding.

3. Catching up with work.
4. Coming up with a non-Christmas design for my blog. Not that I've accomplished anything... I'm just working on it.

5. Being sick

6. Having sick kids

7. Learning to use our vinyl cutter. Yeah. It took 2 years to figure it out. But I have some great vinyl decor on my walls. Again... taking pictures tomorrow.

8. Having lots of friends over and making this delicious fry bread.

9. Trying out a new sushi place for my birthday lunch!

10. Taking, editing and printing a picture for every single child in our Primary.

Whew! I think I'm finally catching up with the bulk of my projects - hopefully I'll be putting 'blogging' back on the to-do list soon!

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Missy said...

Welcome to living on the bench! It's the pits in the winter, girl! I hope you feel better soon and your lil' buckets too.