Monday, January 26, 2009

Blog Book

I love my blog. I like it better than a journal because typing is faster and easier than writing. Plus you won't have to decipher my handwriting! I also like it better than scrapbooking (which I haven't kept up with at ALL in a year or so). My scrapbook journaling tends to feel very formal and rehearsed, where my blog is very... me.

The problem with a blog, of course, is that it is electronic. With computer errors or (heaven forbid) if blogging technology changes in the future, this e-record of our family could potentially be lost. This is where the blog book comes in.

And hooray for Blurb, my favorite blog-book company. Last year I made my first blog book and it came out wonderfully. This year I have just completed our second book and I'm so excited to get it in the mail in a few weeks! The BookSmart program is easy to use and there are lots of choices available for each page template.

Because I love and treasure our blog books, I try to make a cute cover for our book each year. This is the one I made this year. I might as well admit that I loved the birdies on the benefit book for NieNie so much that I drew a pair for my own book. They are so darling and fit right in with the style of the book and what I wanted the cover to look like. Here is the cover, so you can have a peek at it.

Now, this is an important side-note. Blurb has a program called Blog Slurp that will literally sluuuurrrrp your blog right into a book format. Then you go in and adjust it page-by-page (change templates, move pictures... whatever. But. They are currently experiencing problems with blogs hosted by Blogger. They are hoping to have this fixed soon. Just on a whim, I tried to slurp my blog and woohoo it worked! My friend Becca's blog slurped as well. So give it a try. If it doesn't work you can either wait for the fix, or copy each blog post into the template. I don't think it would take as long as you would think. And the result is totally worth it.

Ultimately, I want to have a copy of each book printed for both Bart and Lisa. Then, when they are married and have families of their own, they don't have to fight over pictures, scrapbooks and journals (or worse, lament over the fact that their mom never wrote down any important events from their lives.)


Missy said...

Looks GREAT! Once again, you talented thing, excellent work.

The Mathews Family said...

Oh I LOVE it!!!!! I'm so glad that your blog slurped over. And I'm really dying over how clever and cute that cover is. I wish I had your design skills. Next year I am definitely having you design our cover.

The Browers said...

Seriously LOVE it!!
I need to figure out how to do this whole book thing!

Sudar Clan said...

It is really cute.