Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our new favorite thing

It's taken me a while to figure out the perfect way to 'wear' the baby in this super-cute sling I ordered a few months ago (FYI, don't try to size a sling whilst sporting a pregnant belly). But we finally figured out how to load Smittens with a maximum of comfort and not-squished-neck-edness.

The best part about this sling is that I can sit at the computer and type while he's in it. As I'm writing this, he has drifted off to sleep. Resuming normal work-related duties is now starting to seem possible.

As a side-note, the bathroom scale claims that the baby is 9.5 pounds of snuggly. And he's too long to fit his newborn sleepers and stretchies anymore. All those sleepless nights of feeding him are getting us somewhere!


Nemesis said...

Okay, you give me hope. I have one of those slings too and am having the hardest time getting Voldy in there. Maybe I just need to keep practicing. I wish they'd supplied a video on the website instead of just those pictures.

Nemesis said...

Hope is gone. I want to burn this stupid thing. Can I come to your house and get you to show me how to do it?

Sudar Clan said...

I love those slings. I hope you got it for free from 7slings when they were doing that promotion, I sent you the link I think.