Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today I...

Slept 1 hour between 3am and 7am but consoled myself with a little snack of milk and cookies while rocking a too-bright-eyed-for-4:47am baby.

Actually got 1/3 of the kids dressed and off to school on my very own. Made sure the other 2/3 are both clean and fed. Declared victory.

Wondered why I'm still procrastinating the blog book.

Finished made-to-order Valentines for Violet and Dash. They are glorious to behold.

Put pictures in a frame for Joe's desk at work. Marveled at the similarities in the three kids (still surprised that we are parents of three entire children). While they don't have that weird, cloned look-a-like thing going on, they were all definitely in the same aisle when they picked out their eyes, noses and chins.

Took a moment to be grateful that I can take my wedding rings off without removing an entire finger.

Tried to get 5 metric tons of melted wax off the kitchen counters because even though Joe the Stud spent his vacation time doing a massive cleaning of the house, he is still OK with letting the kids play with stupid toys that encourage the breaking of perfectly good crayons.

Changed a hozillion diapers.

Swapped out JackJack's clothes for the third time today people and decided that those silly Clifford the Big Red Diapers and I are officially In A Fight.

Wondered when JackJack will start loving the idea of a bath.

Ran another load of baby laundry because he has only a handful of clothes right now that don't swallow up his little body.

Thought up 5 different things that would be Good For Dinner and rejected them all as being too labor-intensive.

Plan on sitting with the baby Smittens on the couch and working on a pair of booties.

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Birdy said...

Ha. I love it. :) Sounds like a busy day for the momma! Glad you're still alive.