Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby Milo pictures

Sweet little Milo is the new baby boy of my good friend Jessica. It's lucky she dedicated an entire afternoon to photographs, because little Milo was so determined to be awake that it took a while to get him resigned to the idea of taking pictures. I think this is the only sleeping picture we were able to get.

He was awake the the rest of the time but fairly agreeable. Milo's daddy had a special blanket from when he was little - we wrapped Milo up in 'Lankie' for some of the pictures.

And then when Nate was on his mission, he had another special well-loved blanket, 'Mission Lankie'.

Thanks baby Milo, you are so precious and adorable!

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Scott&Janae said...

wow! what adorable pictures. I hope that someday I get my little baby so you can take pictures of it.