Friday, March 7, 2014

Sasquatch birthday

Dash wanted a Sasquatch-hunting birthday.  We had lots of fun learning all about Sasquatch and making all his party items.

First we got all the guests with this official-looking invitation. I put it (and the other pieces) in my store so you can do your own easy-peasy Sasquatch party.

Joe built each guest their own marshmallow gun and we had pictures of Bigfoot hung on the walls as targets. Which lasted about 2 seconds because it was more fun to shoot each other. While we made pizza, we learned all about Sasquatch - where he lives, how to track him and different methods of trying to capture one. We also watched Bigfoot Hunters on Netflix.

After pizza, we spotted (GASP!) Bigfoot himself digging around the trash cans in the front yard. The hunt was on! A neighbor had agreed to wear a ghillie suit and lurk around as Bigfoot. We also had a really scary-sounding moose call that totally freaked the boys out. We tracked him through the neighborhood, finally cornering him in the garden where the boys tackled him and brought him down. The real Sasquatch had better look out, because if he ever tries to scare a herd of Cub Scouts, he's dead meat.

Cake was cream cheese pound cake with strawberry filling, chocolate buttercream and some novice-level fondant work for the trees and lurking bigfoots.

Maybe my favorite was the water bottle labels. Printed on regular paper, we covered them with clear packing tape so they'd stay waterproof. Mmmmm, Squatchy!

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