Monday, June 18, 2012

Why Miss Janae is the best

Dash got lost while we were on vacation.

It's one of those scenarios that keeps me awake at night. We're walking along Downtown Disney, at night, with  maybe 500,000 other people and I stopped to check the park map. It probably took me 45 seconds. I looked up, reached for Dash's hand... no Dash.

I turned in circles for a minute looking for him but he was nowhere. Joe ran off in one direction, Braden and Grandpa in another. I closed my eyes, said a prayer and opened them. Still no Dash. But there WAS a Disney police guy. Good enough for me. He took a description and radioed in a lost child.

This is where Miss Janae comes in. Miss Janae was the kids' preschool teacher. We all love her. In addition to the normal preschool things that they learn (letters, numbers, sounds, etc) they also learn valuable life skills. Playground rules, mom's phone number and yes, What To Do If One Becomes Lost.

So when Dash realized he was lost, he knew what to do. He didn't keep walking. He didn't wander off looking for us on his own. He didn't hide. He just went up to someone working in one of the booths and said "excuse me, I'm lost." The shop girl called security. As soon as my security guy had put out his call, Dash was found. He had gotten about 100 yards away from me and was enjoying being fussed over and covered with stickers.

 So the dual morals of this story are:
1. teach your child what to do if they get separated from you and
2. Miss Janae is one of my favoritest people on the planet

Also we have Disneyland pictures on our family blog. You know, if you are invited to it.


Missy said...

Seriously she is so great! Thank heaven he remembered what she taught him.

Sarah said...

So great. I love teachers. I love kids that listen. I love security guards and employees who help.
I lost Lydia at a museum - it is a nightmare, truly. Glad he wasn't far and found quickly (though it probably feels like an eternity).

Wahzat Gayle said...

Oh goodness this brought tears to my eye. A lost child is the scariest thing. SO happy that his teacher thought his so well.

Visiting via Pinterest LOL

Unknown said...

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