Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sicky sicky sick

Smitty McSickly is ill. He has some sort of RSV-like virus with a really long and ominous-sounding name that I can't remember. Basically he has a nasty cold and is too little to blow his nose so he is all stuffy and boogery and congested-in-his-chest-ery. Food tastes icky to him, sleeping in his lonely crib is not nice and people keep suctioning his nose and testing his blood O2 and touching and poking and pestering him when he just wants mom-snuggles, thank you. I keep telling him we're trying to keep him out of the hospital. He says to leave the dinosaur socks ON and stop pinching his pudgy feet.

Also today he crawled into the laundry room, industriously dug around in a basket until he found a particular sock, clutched it to his chest and said "oooooohDOboh!" He hugged it a minute more before crawling off, special sock in hand.

I have no idea.

Today's checkup involved too much of the poking and listening and pestering. Now he has two angry-looking infected ears and the doctor suggested 3 days of antibiotic injections and I just couldn't do it. We'll try the liquid.

You've definitely had too much of the doctor's office when sleeping in your sibling's trash-pile room is the best alternative.


The Mathews Family said...

Oh poor Smitty! He looks so tired. I hope he starts feeling better soon. There really is so much junk going around between all of these little people. I'm ready for clean, warm air and sunshine. Hang in there Mama!

Liz said...

Some of my kids' best naps come on dirty floors. I think it has something to do with the level of exhaustion.

natalie christensen said...

So sad:(

Sue said...

Sick kiddos are no fun. I'm so sorry! I hope he gets feeling better soon and that you can keep him out of the hospital where the floor is so much less comfortable :)
Poor thing!