Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Wreath

Maybe I've mentioned how much I love Pintrest. Everything I see on there is beautiful, so fun, so ImustmakethatRIGHTNOW! Exclamation point!

My husband has been gone the entire weekend and the kids expressed a desire to sit around and make Halloween decorations. Well, the oldest wanted to make Halloween decorations. The middle child declared his intentions to play video games for several hours (whatever, dude) and the baby said "I'll go along with anything as long as I don't have to be strapped in a seat. And make sure there are snacks. Also check out how my language skills have progressed."

So after a quick trip to the craft store, an iPod loaded with Bartelby's Book of Buttons and quantities of Apple Jacks scattered on the floor, this was our first finished creation.

It's not technically a Halloween decoration. I already have one of those that I love. But this one will be perfect for fall AND I needed to use up some of this $1.50/yd grey fabric I've had laying in my work basket for 3 months. It will just have to wait for Nov. 1 to be put up for Thanksgiving.

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fauxy said...

love the colors and the ruffles!