Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cake Boss Buddy's got nothin' on me

Violet and Dash have their birthdays 3 weeks apart (don't even ask what I was thinking when we set that up... Dash was supposed to be a summer baby OK?) So in addition to their party with friends, we also make a combined cake to share at a family celebration. I didn't want to tackle a requested Barbie/StarWars/Mermaid/Lego/Princess/Batman/Butterfly masterpiece, so we settled for something that everyone loves equally - Angry Birds.

My drawing skills peaked in about 3rd grade, so I didn't really trust myself to pipe a recognizable angry scene. But I did have lots of leftover white fondant, a rainbow of gel dyes and a spare morning. A friend taught me to sculpt polymer clay a few years ago and fortunately fondant is really similar.

Once I got going, I was really excited. These are simple shapes that came together pretty easily. My one big hangup was Violet sitting at my side requesting more and more pigs and "the red bird mom and you forgot the yellow one and what about the black bomb bird...." So here's our finished collection:

I know right? Totally angry.

To keep me from feeling too awesome, my first-grader sculpted this from the leftover PlayDough that Dash tried to start a house fire with last summer.

We made a red velvet cake with buttercream/raspberry filling and I didn't really want its deliciousness ruined with boring white icing on the outside, so we just set up our angry scene right on a chocolate battlefield.

Dash ate the black bird (pity) but I have the rest of the pieces left over. Now what on earth will I do with them?


Jill said...

So awesome! I love Angry Birds!

Sudar Clan said...

Those are so cool! You are way talented. Did you already do their friend party? The kids will be sad they missed out.

Missy said...

I bow before he queen of craftasticness. You never cease to amaze.