Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Halfway there!

At this point I'm in that frustrating 'I have nothing to wear' phase. So I spend most days in pajama bottoms. Most of my regular pants still fit but I get really really really tired of hitching them back into place every 3 seconds. My 1 pair of maternity jeans is too big. I did get one of those belly bands that are supposed to hold your pants in place and it works really well, as long as you are only standing or walking. It doesn't hold up to activities of a sitting/bending/picking-up-of-4-year-olds nature. At some point I'll have to break down and buy new clothes, but I haven't worked myself up to it yet.


Missy said...

Elastic Waistband Skirts... I developed a loathing for maternity jeans and you know that is all I wore for a good long while. I lika your jammy pants though.

Sudar Clan said...

Did you have your ultrasound? What are you having? Your belly is cute. and I want to come and see your new floor. I haven't seen you forever.